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Weekly Highlights- Southern Hemisphere:

issued on 06/22/2015 


  • The upcoming event S_STRAT_C, which was first noticed on 06/04, is expected to occur on 06/24. S_STRAT_C event will mainly be felt in Australia where nearly 70% of the area will be impacted by this round of cold air outbreaks.


  • The latest event S_STRAT_B3 reached its peak on 06/17, causing cold conditions in South Africa. The previous B1 and B2 events occurred exactly on the forecasted dates, impacting Australia and South America.


  • S_STRAT_D is still expected to occur in the time period of 07/03-07/10, remaining unchanged from the last week forecast, possibly influencing South Africa and South America the most.


  • This week, we are forecasting S_STRAT_E to occur around 07/12-07/19, which was first noticed on 06/16. We expect this event to be a strong event and has a significant impact on South America.


  • Also we want to forecast S_STRAT_F to peak around 07/21-07/27. The event is forecasted as a weak event and will influence Australia.

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