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What we do: We are making sub-seasonal forecasts for time periods of high probability of cold air outbreaks in Eurasia and North America 30-40 days in advance. We issue such forecasts on a weekly basis and this website is updated around Thursday each week.


The 2016-2017 Forecast Season has begun!

























New Forecast Made on November 4:


No new forecasts and no revisions on previous forecasts are made this week.


Follow up on Forecast Made in the Previous Weeks:

STRAT_B1 (11/05 – 11/10), officially forecasted on 10/14, is expected to take place on time with a peak around 10/08, transporting 0.6 trillion-ton air per day into polar region. START_B1 is a relatively moderate event that will largely affect Eurasia continent, especially Europe and East Asia. While North America will not feel too much of temperature drop due to the above-average temperature conditions recently.

STRAT_B2 (11/15 – 11/21), which is forecasted on 10/21, is still expected to occur between 11/15 and 11/21, with a peak around 11/18. The peak intensity of STRAT_B2 will be over 0.8 trillion-ton per day. We expect STRAT_B2 mainly affect mid-latitude regions in the North America, as well as North part of Eurasia continent.

STRAT_C (11/25 – 11/30), first forecasted on 10/14 at a lead time of 40 days, is still going to take place in the period 11/25 to 11/30. STRAT_C looks to be a strong and long-lasting event after a relatively long warm period between B and C, transporting more than 1 trillion-ton air mass per day into the polar region at its peak time (around 11/30). It will greatly affect mid-latitudes of both continents.

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