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What we do: We are making sub-seasonal forecasts for time periods of high probability of cold air outbreaks in Eurasia and North America 30-40 days in advance. We issue such forecasts on a weekly basis and this website is updated around Thursday each week.


The 2016-2017 Forecast Season has begun!


New Forecasts Made on October 7:


























New Forecasts Made on October 7:

STRAT_B (10/28 – 11/04)


This week, we are forecasting a relatively strong stratospheric PULSE event, named as STRAT_B, to occur around the end of October and the beginning of November, with twin peaks around 10/30 and 11/04. It is likely to bring below-normal temperatures to midlatitudes of both Eurasian and North American continents around Halloween.


Follow up on Forecast Made in the Previous Week:


The first stratospheric PULSE event we mentioned last week is happening right now as we expected. It is going to peak on 10/09, accompanied with cold surges over mid-latitude regions of both North America and Eurasia. 60% of area will be occupied by below-normal temperatures. Currently the vast majority of the northern part of Eurasia, Canada, and the Midwest United States are experiencing below-normal temperatures, precipitation and even snow


STRAT_A (10/16 – 10/21), our first official forecast this winter made on September 30, is expected to take place on time in the period 10/16 – 10/21 with its peak on 10/18. STRAT_A looks relatively weak, but may affect both North America and Eurasia continents, especially Eurasia.



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