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Forecasts made on October 6, 2014

  • The first forecasted event of a possible cold wave event is continuously expected to occur between 10/07-10/14, because STRAT_A event forecasted last week appears on its way to show up. This could bring in slightly below normal, cooler temperatures.
  • We are still continuing to forecast with confidence STRAT_B event to take place between the dates of 10/28-11/03. STRAT_B event is expected to deliver a well below average temperature cold air outbreak on Halloween weekend which can last over the course of a few days. 
  • Another possible cold air outbreak is expected for the dates of 11/12-11/15 and potentially another towards the end of November during Thanksgiving week between 11/20-11/25. We will continue to monitor these outbreaks in the weeks to come.


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