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Weekly Highlights:

  Wrap up of the 2014-15 Winter

(04/03/2015 − 04/10/2015)
























  • STRAT_K has delivered the fourth peak on April 7, as the remains of the exiled polar vortex disperse, responsible for clustering precipitation events over a large area of the two continents. These smaller-scale cold air surges will continue into this next few weeks and transfer into the next upcoming STRAT_L event. This will be the final event for this winter, and will continue to also have smaller aftermath peaks as the polar vortex disintegrates.


  • The last stratospheric event of the winter 2014-15, STRAT_L, is still expected to occur between April 16-22, as we have been forecasting since March 20. This event is expected to bring another round of precipitation and below-normal temperature events over a large portion of both continents.


Forecasts Made on April 10, 2015


Follow up on Forecast Made in Previous Weeks:


·       After the three rounds of delivering cold Arctic cold air into mid-latitudes, STRAT_K is still capable of exporting gushes of cold air out of the polar region as the remains of the exiled polar vortex disperse into mid-latitudes in the next a few days.


·       STRAT_L appears to be the last strong stratospheric circulation event for the 2014-15 winter. This final event will not allow the polar stratospheric vortex to return to Arctic till the fall of 2015.



New Forecasts Made on April 10, 2015


·       No new events are forecasted in this week's forecast.



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