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Weekly Highlights

(02/26/2015  − 03/05/2015)

  • STRAT_I has been bringing cold conditions since 02/27 as we forecasted on 01/29 to occur between 02/27-03/04.  This round of cold air outbreaks is expected to bring 70% area over Europe below-normal temperatures when it ends (around 03/07) and refills the already cold conditions over North America, where 60-80% of the area has been suffering below-normal temperatures since the beginning of the first major peak of STRAT_H on 02/15.  The prolonged cold condition over North America will be over after the end of this round of cold air outbreaks (around 03/07).


  • The upcoming event, STRAT_J, is still forecasted to occur between 03/12-03/17 as originally forecasted on 02/12. The latest forecasts showed increase of the intensity of this event (peak intensity is about 900 billion tons of mass into the polar circle per day). This event will deliver below-normal temperatures felt across both North American and Eurasian continents.


  • STRAT_K, expected to occur in the last week of March is expected to cause major cold air outbreaks. The mid-latitudes of both North America and Eurasia will report below-normal temperatures from the last few days of March and into the first week of April.


  • We are continuing to forecast March of 2015 to be a mild month except a brief cold period associated with STRAT_J, as we first forecasted on 02/18/2015.  The mild condition persists till the arrival of STRAT_K. This will result in a drastic change, cooling down the last week of March.


Forecasts Made on March 05, 2015


Follow up on Forecast Made in Previous Weeks:


  • STRAT_I is happening on time as we first forecasted on 01/29. Both continents are battling cold air outbreaks now.  North America will get a big relief from cold air outbreaks first and then Eurasia by 03/07.


  • STRAT_J has also remained on track and will occur between 3/12-3/17. This event is still expected to cause a change in temperatures, and bring in another round of cold air outbreaks.


  • STRAT_K is still expected to occur during the last week of March.  The cold air outbreak is still expected to be strong and is expected to drop temperatures drastically over North America and Eurasia.


New Forecasts Made on March 05, 2015


  • There are no forecasts for a new event in this week's forecasts


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