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Weekly Highlights

(02/26/2015  − 03/04/2015)


  • STRAT_I will bring cooler conditions for North America, Europe, and Eastern Asia in the same time period between 02/27 and 03/04, as we originally forecasted on 01/29. STRAT_I will mainly be felt in Europe and Eastern Asia where over 70% of the area will be impacted by this round of cold air outbreaks. North America will experience slightly less severe cold conditions.


  • STRAT_J is still expected to take place between 03/12-03/17 as we first forecasted on 02/12. We still forecast STRAT_J event as a weak event. Nevertheless, this event is expected to be capable of delivering below-normal temperatures to both Eurasia and North America.


  • Last week, we officially forecasted a new event, STRAT_K, to occur in the last week of March.  We still expect a high probability that this event could cause a complete breakup of the stratospheric polar vortex, as occurred with STRAT_E in the beginning of the year. STRAT_K is expected to cause major cold air outbreaks, particularly over North America. As a result, a substantially large portion of North America and Eurasia will report below-normal temperatures from the last few days of March to the first week of April.


  • As we first projected last week, we continue to expect March of 2015 to be a mild month except a brief cold period associated with STRAT_J.  The mild condition persists till the arrival of STRAT_K. This will result in a drastically change, cooling down the last week of March.

Forecasts Made on February 25, 2015


Follow up on Forecast Made in Previous Weeks:


·       STRAT_I will deliver another round of cold air discharge between 02/26-03/04 that will make a large portion (60-70%) of Eurasia and North America suffering from below-normal temperatures conditions.


·       STRAT_J is still expected to occur in the time period of 3/12-3/17 but will be a weak event although it is still capable of causing rapid drop of temperatures.


·       Our forecast for STRAT_K remains unchanged from the last week forecast. March will remain fairly mild until the occurrence of STRAT_K during the last week of March.  This event will be a strong event, which could potentially lead to the second complete break-up of the stratospheric polar vortex for this winter season.  The cold air outbreaks could be quite severe, with similar conditions produced by STRAT_E, and can drop temperatures drastically along with wintery precipitation over North America and Eurasia.


New Forecasts Made on March 04, 2015


  • There are no forecasts for a new event in this week's forecasts

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